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About Us

About Us
Beautiful Flowers from Your Local Toronto Florist – Flowers on Bay

{Flowers on Bay} – your trusted local florist in Toronto – has exquisite flower arrangements and other floral gifts which are professionally designed and arranged by our expert staff. We can help you find the perfect flowers and deliver them throughout Toronto and the surrounding area. Our network of trusted florists even offers trusted floral delivery nationwide. If you need to send a last minute gift, don’t worry! {Flowers on Bay} offers same-day flower delivery in Toronto for no extra cost.

Make the right impression with fresh flowers from {Flowers on Bay}. Find the perfect floral gift for any holiday or occasion - from lovely Mother’s Day flowers and romantic anniversary flowers to sympathy funeral flowers and thoughtful get well flowers. Trust your local Toronto ON florist for the freshest, most beautiful bouquets to fit any budget. {Flowers on Bay} offers the best arrangements gifts for the ones you love, like special birthday flowers and exquisite Valentine’s Day flowers for the ones you love.

Beautiful fresh flowers make such a thoughtful gift, and with {Flowers on Bay}, ordering them is easy and convenient. Browse our website to find the perfect floral gift and order online or over the phone. You can trust our skilled florists to arrange a beautiful bouquet for your special occasion, or even create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind arrangement just for you. Order from {Flowers on Bay} for reliable delivery in Toronto and across the nation.

Breathtaking Flowers in Toronto from Flowers on Bay
The experienced florists at {Flowers on Bay} can be trusted to create the ideal flower arrangement for your special occasion. From stunning plants to thoughtful gift baskets, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Every bouquet from {Flowers on Bay} is carefully arranged with the freshest flowers in Toronto and hand-delivered to your recipient’s door. Count on us, your local flower shop, for all of your gift-giving in Toronto ON.

Don’t settle for flowers that arrive in a dull box. With {Flowers on Bay}, your flowers will be hand-arranged and delivered to Toronto or anywhere nationwide. Our fresh flowers are expertly arranged by our professional florists to give each gift that special, personal touch. Trust {Flowers on Bay} for bouquets that will brighten their day in Toronto!

Flowers on Bay in Toronto, ON provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Ontario:
*Get well flowers for : Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Sick-Kids Hospital,Toronto Western Hospital, St. Michael's Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital
L5N 7V6, L6X 2B1, L6R 0M9, M1B 6A8, L6V 4E5, M1C 4R5, L6X 1R6, L4Y 1E5, M1M 2T5, L5B 4E3, M5A 2E2, M1R 3T1, M4Y 2S8, L7A 0H1, L4W 2Y3, L6Y 4W2, L6Z 3T1, L6W 4J2, L5N 1N4, L5B 3Y7, M1V 3S2, M1W 2N3, L6Y 0N9, M4V 2K7, L5T 2S2, L5V 0B7, L5B 4E1, L4Y 3V8, M5V 0J8, L6V 1B4, M5R 2T1, L6Y 1J5, M1B 4C6, M9M 0B2, M5A 2H1, L6W 2Z8, M1R 2Y1, L5J 2S3, L5G 3V5, L6S 5W4, L6S 2V6, M1P 4J7, M1B 5L5, L4T 3G2, L5C 2R6, L5B 3S9, M6K 1E9, M1W 3X4, M1T 3G8, M4R 1L7, L6W 1H2, M1L 1B6, M1N 4C9, M6P 3W6, L5M 4B9, M4V 1X4, L6S 5B8, L4Z 3X3, M1S 2B9, M5X 1G5, L5B 2H2, L6Z 4V2, M4E 1V4, M4N 1M7, L5E 1B9, L5P 1A9, M6R 1R2, L5N 6P4, L6P 2Z3, M6P 2E7, M1K 4S3, M4S 1H7, L6Y 0R9, M1R 1P8, M1J 2Y5, M1E 3J1, M6R 1Z2, L4Y 2V7, M4E 1J6, M6P 2N1, M1K 2S5, M1E 4V7, L6T 3X4, M4V 2V9, M4S 2R3, M1K 3Y8, M1P 3L8, L6W 2H9, M1E 2N4, M1P 4G2, M1W 1E7, M6B 3E6, L6Y 4L7, L5J 1B4, L4Z 4E1, L7A 2L7, M1S 3P8, M1C 4P1, M4G 3C1, L5N 7B2,M4W 1H4, M4W 1K4, M5N 2K9, M5A 1T1, M4L 3X6, M4X 1K6, M9N 3V2, M4J 1P5, M3B 2M3, M5V 3Z8, M6G 2B3, M4V 1R6, M4N 3C7, M6P 1J8, M5T 1R8, M6G 3J5, M6B 3L3, M4V 2J8, M5V 1H3, M4M 3N9, M5A 3E1, M5S 1R3, M4W 3A4, M4J 1L3, M5R 2T7, M5G 1J5, M4G 1C7, M4W 2P8, M4T 1H2, M4V 1V4, M4T 2J4, M6N 3C5, M4N 1N8, M5V 1A5, M4Y 1M7, M5P 1V5, M4E 3W2, M6H 1T2, M5T 1L4, M4C 5K4, M5T 1G8, M4J 1A8, M6H 3R3, M5H 4G2, M6C 2J6, M5H 3P5, M5A 3G5, M6J 3B8, M5P 2K4, M4V 1R4, M4C 4J7, M6G 2C7, M4T 1H7, M5A 3K3, M6H 1W2, M6G 3E4, M4L 1R8, M5V 0K7, M4L 3X8, M5P 2K3, M5N 2L7, M5J 1Y2, M4L 3J1, M4N 3K2, M6H 1H2, M5W 0H8, M4M 1M1, M4L 2R5, M6K 1H6, M7A 2G3, M4C 1K3, M6H 3Z9, M4R 2H2, M5P 0A1, M4S 1H5, M4K 1Y3, M4K 1P7, M4C 4B9, M6E 1E8, M5W 5V1, M6E 1B2, M4N 3L2, M5T 1K4, M5S 3A9, M5M 1P5, M5V 0G7, M5A 3B2, M4C 3M8, M4S 1V9, M4L 3S2, M5V 1S3, M4S 2T9, M5V 1B8, M5E 1M1, M4E 1M3, M6H 2P1, M5V 2Z7, M6H 3M5, M6H 2E9, M6K 2W9
Flower Substitution

Please note flowers are subject to change depending on availability – if substitution is needed, a flower of equal beauty, color and cost will be chosen. 

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